Frequently asked questions

Do you support networking?
Yes, we do provide full networking support for small companies and individuals: broadband, wireless, VPN, LAN.
Where are you based?
We are based in North and Central London.
What is an average response time?
The response time is usually minutes for dealing with problems over the phone, and less than 4 hours to deal with work on-site (usually it is quicker than that). We do not emphasise response time, mainly because we focus on preventative measures as well as make sure things do not go wrong in the first place.
Are you qualified professionals?
Yes: we possess qualification such as MSc in Engineering and Optoelectronic Devices & Systems, HND in Computing, BSc in Electronic Commerce, various City&Guilds certificates. Field experience varies to up to 6 years.
Does your support include anti-virus software updating?
We are able to provide references upon companie's request << back to top
What are your opening hours?
A lot of small companies do not work only normal office hours, so nor do we. We provide services whenever they are needed and this gives the customers complete peace of mind. Any work at weekends and outside the hours is charged by prior agreement, most often by normal rates. Emergency work outside of the normal working hours is charged most often by normal rates, too.
Do you build bespoke PCs to meet specific needs?
Yes. We can even reuse some of your old PC parts if it is in your interests. Our technician can give inpartial advice based on your requirements whether it will be more cost effective for you over time to build a bespoke PC from scratch or to upgrade the old one.
What suppliers you use to build a PC?
We use the following main suppliers: Asus, Intel, Microsoft, Zalman, ATI, Nvidia, Western Digital - but if customer has specific preferences/requirements we will happily discuss it and if technician deems it to be in your best interests, we will order the parts from your prefered supplier or you can provide your own parts.
Do you monitor systems remotely?
We do use remote support to resolve problems, as this is often quicker and more cost effective than attending. In other words, we provide telephone remote support, but practice monitoring systems rather by attending in person, examining systems and talking to the staff that are using them, as this is more reliable in preventing problems than remote monitoring. << back to top
Do you provide a warranty for any hardware or software supplied?
To read full unambiguous easy to understand warranty information, please, click here.
Do you offer any credits or buy-now pay-later options?
We are considering introducing some of these options in future. At the moment all work must be paid according to the receipt, unless prior arrangements were different. We may ask for an advance payment on full or part of the value of hardware and software provided, but this is at our discretion.
What forms of payment do you take?
We currently do not take debit or credit cards, but we're looking to introduce this very soon. We do take cash, personal cheques, bank transfers, postal orders, direct cash into bank account.
What do I need to bring when I drop off my computer for a repair?
If you're bringing in a laptop for service, we will need: your power cable, all system discs that came with the computer. For service/repair of a desktop PC, only system discs alone are needed. If you are not sure it is best if you bring it all.
I called out a technician. What do I need to do next before he/she arrives?
To avoid repeated visits you should tell all the IT problems you have, so that the technician can deal with as much as he/she can during one visit. It is cost and time-effective as well as is recommended to prevent situation worsening. Full access to the computer(s)/network cables or/and other hardware/equipment has to be provided, so it can be investigated by technician if necessary. Most often you will be asked to describe a history of usage and all actions carried out before the equipment/software failed. Most of these details are helpful even if you may think they are completely irrelevant.
Do you as a company have liability insurance?
No. Liability insurance for damage caused to data and consequential losses would probably double the cost of the service. However, we have experience in dealing with data backup and recovery, therefore we guarantee safety of your data. In very unlikely case of problems like data loss and/or corruption caused by our direct interference we guarantee safe full data recovery free of charge. << back to top